What Are Stacked Jeans?

Stacked Jeans

Some people seem to believe that stacked jeans are new, or so to say, trendy. However, they have been around for a long time. Although a pair of jeans is the type of clothing item people don’t tend to be fashionable with, trying out different kinds of jeans whether it’s skinny, moto, biker, oversized or stacked jeans can be a thrill on its own.

Stacked Jeans
Stacked Skinny Black Moto Jeans

Wearing these trendy and different kinds of pants and experimenting around with them can introduce you to a whole new world of fashion, one with no constraints. For example, you wouldn’t know a green oversized sweatshirt would go with black moto stacked jeans until you try it out. Many models have been seen wearing model jeans following this trend as well. Slim-fit jeans are the most common type of pants that are usually worn stacked.

What are Stacked Jeans?

Stacking means letting the ends of a fabric bunch up. Stacking of jeans is when your pants are longer in length so they can stack up above your shoes. Both men and women have been wearing stacked jeans or pants for quite a long time. The alternative to long jeans is to roll your jeans on that area.

What does Stacked Skinny Jeans mean?

When it comes to fashionable jeans, the inseam is the most important part. Wearing your dad’s pair of jeans and then stacking them up above the ankles won’t exactly give off a classy look. Why? Because his inseam and fitting around the thigh area wouldn’t fit quite as well on you. When it comes to skinny stacked jeans, you have to make sure the inseam is your size, but the length of the jeans is more than your legs. You can get more information regarding different type of fashion choices here.

Stacking VS Rolling Jeans

Stacking means to bunch up your jeans above your shoes while rolling means to cuff them up. Both type of fashion choices looks chic, however, they’re meant for different settings. While stacking jeans would look more of a hip or harajuku style in an informal setting, rolling your pants would be preferable when something formal comes up. It has, however, been observed that women tend to roll their jeans more often rather than wearing stacked jeans.

Stack VS Cuff Jeans
Difference between stacking and rolling jeans

How to Stack Jeans?

Even though it might look hard, the perfect pair of jeans are not that difficult to stack. Here’s how to stack jeans in just two steps:

Step 1: Firstly, what you want to do is buy stiff jeans, longer inseam (length), and have them tapered either regular or arc taper. Or if you already have some jeans, put starch on them to make them stiff.

Step 2: Keep placing your jeans on top of each other till you get the necessary amount of stacks you want.

It’s that simple!

Here is a video tutorial that might help:


Availability of Plus Size Stacked Jeans

At Harajuku Fashion Store, we have stacked jeans for everyone. Whether you are looking for men’s skinny stacked jeans, women’s plus size jeans or japanese techwear pants, we offer them all. A stack of jeans can happen in almost any size, and being as inclusive as possible is our mission, hence we combine the two to bring you the most diverse & best stacked jeans you can find on the internet.

Model Stack Jeans
Pants Modeling Guy in Airport

Types of Jeans offered

From Stack jeans for men & women to Japanese Streetwear pants, we have them all. For a fraction of a price you might get at big brands. The stacked denim are new in our collections, however, we are extremely peculiar about using the right denim for jeans, measuring them perfectly to fit you, and providing a wide variety of sizes for you to choose from.

So what’re you waiting for? Shop for the best stacked jeans now!

What Are Stacked Jeans?

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