Stacked Pants

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The world of fashion seems to look like an ever-evolving universe. However, that could not be further from the truth. Fashion always rolls around in circles. The trends from the past take over time and time again, then get outdated and two centuries later, they return again. Such is the case of Stacked Pants.

Although most people assume that this jeans or pants style is just now trending, that’s not entirely true. These pants have been around for a very long time. Most people don’t like the idea of wearing skinny, moto, biker or leather stacked pants but some are willing to take the risk and break the norm.

Stacked JeansWhat are Stacked Pants?

Stacking is basically letting fabric bunch up above the ankle area on your leg. This style of pants are basically regular jeans or pants which are bunched up above the shoe. Stacked pants are available for both men & women. The alternate to bunching up is rolling or cuffing up your trousers. This is basically what stacked pants mean.

How to Stack Pants?

Honestly, stacking pants is really simple if you have a good pair of jeans.

Step 1 – The most important part is to buy stiff jeans that fit you near the inseam area but are long in length. Or if you already have some jeans, put starch on them to make them stiff.

Step 2 – Keep  bunching up the ends of your pants to form a stack jeans style.

Its that simple.

Types of Stacked Pants

Stacked sweatpants, trousers, jeans or pants come in many shapes and forms. This includes cargo pants, jogging pants, pocket pants in a variety of colors, which encompass black, white, blue, red or grey pants. Whether you’re looking for wholesale pants to sell or good denim stacked pants to wear on halloween, you came to the right place!

Stacking VS Rolling Pants

The two styles of wearing pants is either to stack or cuff them. Both types look good but are made for different occasions. While assembling jeans is more hip and appropriate for a party night, cuffing or rolling your pants is better for a more formal day. Typically, women tend to roll their jeans while hip men stack them.

Stack VS Cuff Jeans

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