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When it comes to aesthetic clothing, nothing does it like Harajuku fashion! From a wide array of styles, all the way from Lolita to Goth to Urban wear, to the multi-functionality of the clothing items, Japanese street clothing never goes out of fashion. Most trends emerge from there anyway!

Japanese style pants in general are all the rage currently. With their unisex features, vast styles, and associated comfort, they leave us without complaints! Some of the most popular Japanese bottoms include district-based clothes such as Tokyo fashion, Japanese traditional pants, and Japanese hip-hop clothing. The hallmark of this Japanese inspired streetwear is that they’re usually balloon-shaped pants, or wide-legged pants, associated with Harajuku prints and lots of features like pockets.

Since this is a Japanese streetwear shop, let’s look at the trendiest Japanese Pantsu (fun fact: this is how pants are referred to in Japanese!):

Japanese Traditional Pants

A take on the traditional dressing of Japan, Kimino, these pants give off a very samurai-inspired feel. Japanese bottoms that are wide-legged embedded with plates and end somewhere above the ankles with a clothed belt is what you’re looking for. Japanese traditional pants are not only comfy but also elevate any simple shirt. Pair it with Japanese sandals and you have a look!

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Japanese Cargo Pants and Joggers

Adding on to our collection of Japanese style pants, we bring to you: Japanese cargo pants and joggers. These add to the category of Japanese urban clothing and can be styled with pretty much anything. Usually seen in a balloon fit and in dark colours, these Japanese style pants are often associated with chains and prints. As comfortable as they look, they offer one excellent feature. They are often gender-neutral and present a hip-hop look!

Pairing these with crop tops, loop chains, and even plain printed tees bring about a decent look. Usually seen under trench coats and the signature layering of Harajuku fashion, these Japanese pants will reform your wardrobe!

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Japanese Streetwear Online Shop

Every Japanese streetwear clothing fanatic has one wish, a diverse collection of their favourite Harajuku items. As hard as it is to get all these genre-based clothing in one place, in our Japanese Streetwear Online shop, you’ll find your haven. With our commitment to offering only the best, we pride ourselves on our diverse collection of Harajuku fashion items.

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