Japanese Streetwear

Familiarity with the term streetwear as a casual style of clothing is not new. But do you know that the term offers a lot more depth when it comes to Japanese streetwear? We are here to give you a glimpse of what Asian streetwear is all about and how adopting this clothing style will help you add some finesse & rarity to your dressing style.

Japanese Streetwear – What is it?

Just like any other streetwear fashion, Japanese streetwear created significance after the youth considered it trendy. It is the perfect style for those people who want to explore and experience unique clothing styles. The late ’90s and early ’20s saw the boom of this trend and it got so popular since it offered a unique style with comfort.

Japanese street fashion is a blend of unique colors, style, and best of all comfort. The perfect example of this combo is Japanese urban clothing.

How Japanese Streetwear popped up!

Japan streetwear or urban wear smashed the world in the early 90s when the youth was heavily inspired by western fashion and wanted to adopt something cool. People took influence from the west and started to revolutionize the concepts of Japanese urban fashion and urban wear. All that resulted in the modern Japan street clothing, that we all are well aware of today.

Penetrating the Modern Society

Asian streetwear, urban Japanese clothes to be more specific, is much inspired by western culture. Despite this fact, Japanese urban fashion is still not considered a trendy design around the world and it doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. So the battle was on for this recognition issue, and to fight this, Local designers then started the trend of collaborating with each other to promote Japanese urban clothing. By doing so, they start influencing modern fashion diaries.

Modern Japanese Street Style Clothing

Japanese streetwear is all about Japanese hip-hop clothing with a blend of western touch. The trend kept on changing and evolving with the sweep of time, and young people still prefer wearing urban Japanese clothes. 

With the wide variety of Japanese urban clothing styles available. Landing on this Japanese streetwear shop or online shop to be precise can help you get into some popular noteworthy fashion choices. To make you aware of some of the popular choices you get, mentioning the popular styles is a priority. So, here we go!

Harajuku – Combination of many!

To be an Asian streetwear fan, awareness of Harajuku clothing style is the first pre-requisite.  This is the most recognizable clothing style that offers stylish and colorful outfits, The outfits include, Japanese bottoms, hoodies with Japanese writings, accessories, Japanese caps, and a lot more. The variety, styles, and ideas that Harajuku clothing offers are limitless. So explore everything and get the best Harajuku dress for yourself from the top Japanese streetwear brands. While classifying this as the true Japanese street fashion might be an overstatement but it’s true since it’s a perfect blend of many different street styles such as Lolita, Gyaru, etc. 

Lolita Dresses

The classic Lolita dresses inspired by Victorian style need no introduction. This is no doubt the cutest and the most iconic outfit you can get for yourself. The knee-length skirts with thigh-length stockings will give you a picture-perfect model looks with minimum effort. The game doesn’t stop here! There is a lot more to explore and experiment with. You can try different lengths, sizes, and styles according to your body needs and body shape. 

Kimono Style – Old but still gold!

Kimino style is another popular and classic Japanese urban clothing style that must’ve heard of at least once. Being the oldest clothing fashion style in the history of Japanese streetwear, it’s still no slouch in popularity. It’s especially preferred while attending different special occasions like weddings, graduation ceremonies, or any other casual event. Of course, the young peeps added their own essence & touch to the kimono style, despite wearing it in the traditional form. And that is a quite refreshing addition to Japanese street style clothing. 


Kogal means young girl. Of course, the name itself is a clear indication of the popularity of this clothing style. This clothing style is most popular in young school-going girls, who opt for short skirts and loose socks, similar to high school uniforms, with dyed hair. After witnessing an initial boom in the 90s this trend slowed down but came back with a bang in the 2020s Now many young girls are adapting this style once again!

Kawaii Clothing

You anime fans out there know the meaning of Kawai in Japanese means “cute”. So the name fits well with these types of cute, vibrant colored shirts, pants, and dresses with loads of makeup. Well, it is not always easy to find such clothes and accessories. That’s why there is a dire need for a reliable Japanese streetwear online shop where you can buy all those Japanese cat hoodies, shirts, and much more.

Japanese streetwear for men

Men’s Japanese street fashion is not the most discussed fashion style for this fashion culture but men are also a contributing part of it. So, Japanese clothing online for men is on our list of priorities, With us, you can get Japanese long coat and cat hoodies, vintage half black jeans, Japanese platform sneakers, and other products. We are well aware of men’s Japanese street fashion too along with the girls’ fashion games. So you are in the best hands and will get the finest available items to dress elegantly. You can also check out some of our finest stacked jeans.

Easy on your Pockets!

Japanese streetwear was once expensive and out of reach for ordinary people but today, we can easily get our hands on the latest designs whether through a Japanese streetwear shop or an online shop. Coming from the top Japanese streetwear brands, this means a lot to be able to buy classic clothing at an affordable price. 

Customer Satisfaction

A smile on your face is what we aim for, and customer satisfaction is our top priority. We make sure our products are made of high quality, durable material so our complaint desk remains empty. Wear these clothes confidently without stepping out of your comfort zone. These dresses are meant to look great in a cozy comfortable style.